Making the metaverse accessible to all.

Fractionalize. Invest. Earn.

Get involved with high-yield metaverse assets at a fraction of the cost.


List A Property

Choose any plot of land in Ethereum-based metaverses and create a posting


Buy Fractions of Metaverse Land

Invest in your favorite ETH-based metaverse projects for less


Build a Portfolio

Invest across different metaverses to decrease your risk profile


Active Marketplace

Quickly enter and exit metaverse projects that pique your interest

Invest in the Metaverse in a Cheaper, Safer Way.

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We allow investors who were previously priced out of the market to get involved by fractionalizing metaverse plots.



Investors can gain exposure to a larger number of metaverses by needing to commit less money to each plot of land.


Price Realization

With more investors able to be involved in the market, shares of metaverse plots can appreciate, increasing the value of the plot as a whole.

Start Crowdfunding a Metaverse Plot

Our Team

Our team members have experience across the board working within a YCombinator startup, at Meta and at various quantitative trading firms. We are deeply excited to be on the forefront of Web 3.0.

    Our Partnerships

    We are very grateful to be operating within the Blockchain Founders Group accelerator program. We are also constantly looking for eager, hardworking people to work with.